NFOG 2023
NFOG 2023



There are 6 free communication sessions scheduled in the congress’ programme. Please check the program on this website to find date, time and location of your session.

Each presentation will be allowed a 10 minutes presentation including questions. To meet this limit, please prepare a 7 minute presentation, to allow 3 minutes for questions. Please send your presentation to before the congress. 

For a list of all accepted free communication presentations:


You are expected to print and set up your poster in the poster area yourself. Posters should be on display for the entire congress and can be set up from Sunday 27th of August 15.00.

The board for displaying the poster is 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (height). Be sure to include your title (the same as the title of the abstract), author names, and affiliations at the top of the poster. Remember that your poster may be viewed from a distance of several feet, so font sizes should be large enough to easily read, and figures and tables should be kept as simple as possible.

For a list of all accepted posters:



Poster presenters are expected to set up their posters in the designated poster area. During the two poster sessions you are supposed to present your poster from a small stage set up in the poster area. You are not expected to prepare a presentation, but you are standing in front of a screen showing your poster. Your presentation is 1 minute long and you have 2 minutes for answering questions. Please send the digital file of your poster to before the congress. 

For a list of all accepted poster presentations:


+47 22591980


Trondheim, Norway


Conference date

27-30 August 2023

Key dates

29 Nov 22 – Registration for the industry

10 Dec 22 – Registration for abstract

15 Jan 23 – Application deadline lunch symposium

15 Feb 23 – Registration opens

23 Apr 23 – Deadline Early Bird

09 May 23 – Deadline Regular